Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali!!!!
Have a wonderful and prosperous Diwali.. Be safe while playing with crackers and have loads of fun.. May this Diwali bring you more happiness in everyone's lives!!!

Any ways Have a wonderful Diwali!!!

Music Biryani

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orange movie songs free download

Orange movie audio is released and is now available on our website. Harris Jayaraj gave a wonderful music to the film and songs are rocking!! Its O-range time for the movie, every ones awaited movie got a huge audio success and surely Ram Charan Tej gonna rock again with his third film. Hope Orange movie gives Ram Charan Tej again a wonderful success after the Magadheera super duper hit..
Music now available in stores. Go grab one till the stock ends. First have a trial of all the songs from our favorite site and keep rocking...
The Tracks are
  1. oola olala
  2. Chilipiga
  3. Nenu Nuvvante
  4. Hello Rammante
  5. O Range
  6. Rooba Rooba
So Have a Blast!!!!!

Music Biryani

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rakhta Charithra Movie

Controversy Director Ram Gopal varma's latest controversial movie " Rakht Charithra " is ready to release this month on 22nd. The movie almost got a handsome publicity whatever a movie requires with the unique RGV way of promoting the film. RGV almost done his job in promoting the film into the audience minds with a negative touch and spices added to boost up the enthusiasm in every individual. The movie may not be much different than his past movies but some of his unique strategies may work. RGV also stated in about the Rakht Charithra part 2 a sequel to the movie will be released later after the part 1. Whatever the movie is about and how much the controversial promotion helps in bringing the audience to the theaters will be seen very shortly.. Anyways let us wish RGV best of luck for his movie success and " be careful audience, after all its RGV movie, chances to inspire in a negative way " Just Kidding!!! All the very best Rakht Charithra !!!!!

True Translation Rakht Charithra == Blood History !!!